Explore New Types Of Cheese On The Go With Google's Mobile App

Google's mobile app is your new cheesemonger

It's almost holiday party season, and you know what that means: so much stinky, bloomy-rinded deliciousness, so little time to figure out what you're actually eating.

If the names of the cheeses that come your way look like an alien language, then Google's new tool on its mobile app is for you (free on both iTunes and Google Play).

Rolling out today, the tool lets you search for whichever cheese is on your mind, from creamy bûcheron to salty kefalotyri. Then Google pulls from various sources, like Wikipedia, to spit out short, easy-to-digest entries detailing taste, texture, producers, milk type, regional origins and aging methods. Right now, there are 400 types of cheese in the database, and, of course, Google isn't stopping there.

It also recently launched a similar tool for beer varieties, listing types of hop, yeast, malt and ABV percentage, as well as 200 classic cocktails.

People at holiday parties just got another reason to look at their phones all night.