Mad For Mollusks

Fresh scallops delivered straight to your door

Beach rental season may be over, but the time to start enjoying the sweet, creamy scallops found along Cape Cod's bay is just beginning.

Citarella has been sourcing the freshest, highest-quality wild bay scallops—and all types of seafood, for that matter—for more than 100 years. And now, Tasting Table readers get $25 off their first order by creating an account and using code TT25. Handpicked, carefully packed goods from Citarella's fishmongers are shipped overnight straight from New York's iconic Fulton Fish Market.

But don't be selfish with your shellfish: Fish this good is meant to be shared. Host a seafood soirée with these dishes:

Sauté ultra-seasonal, plump Cape Cod Bay Scallops (buy now) in fragrant white wine and garlic to make the most of these buttery bivalves.

Dress broiled Organic Salmon (buy now) to impress with simple brown butter sauce and a sprinkling of chopped fresh herbs. For Pacific shore flavor, opt for Wild King or Coho Salmon instead.

Crack open ready-to-eat Wild Stone Crab Claws (buy now) for an easy yet impressive side dish.

Keep a plate of Blue Point Oysters (buy now) at the ready for an elegant snack. Keep it classic with a dollop of cocktail or hot sauce.

This seafood will be the best thing to shore up at your front door.