How We Used The Dual Door Range To Make Classic Meatballs

Classic meatballs meet the Samsung Flex Duo Range with Dual Door™

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Though some meatballs may not stand up to the ones from Nonna's kitchen, it doesn't mean you shouldn't follow in her footsteps—even if you don't actually have an Italian nonna. Here's how the Samsung Flex Duo Range with Dual Door™ can help.

The heat in the oven is distributed more evenly, thanks to Dual Convection technology, so your meatballs brown quickly and flawlessly while you make your sauce on the stovetop.

Speaking of the stovetop, it features a triple burner that allows you to bring the sauce from a rolling boil to a soft simmer in no time. Making a huge batch? Use the bridge burner, which creates an extra-large cooking surface for oversize pots and pans.

And should there be any messes—involving the oven or your clothes—Samsung's got that covered, too.

Use the oven's Steam Clean feature for a quick clean in 20 minutes, and if there's any stubborn caked-on stuff, bust out the Self Clean option.

As for those serious red sauce spills, the Samsung Top Load Washer with ActiveWash™ has a patented built-in sink with a water jet for presoaking tough stains. The large 5.2 cu. ft. washing machine also features AquaJet® Deep Clean technology, which cleans your clothes deeply but gently. And with Super Speed technology, you can get your laundry done in as little as 36 minutes.

Now that would impress Nonna.