Editor's Note: Travel Month

Come away with us this October

The documentary film Happy argues that changing your routine (read: traveling) can actually make you a happier person.

We couldn't agree more. Getting out of your comfort zone and seeing the world will turn you into a better eater, a more curious cook or, if you are one, a more inspired and informed chef. And right now is a great time to explore.

This October, we're highlighting some of the coolest, of-the-moment culinary destinations in the world. The itinerary is a food lover's dream: We'll take you on a visual tour of Mexico City's most vibrant market, teach you how to stuff yourself silly at the iconic Cervejaria Ramiro in Lisbon, give you a road map of where to eat post-wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma, and show you how to hack your hotel minibar with a little help from top bartenders.

And, of course, we'll be flying first class with our favorite food writers. Editor Elyse Inamine will introduce you to Oahu's hottest chefs, like Andrew Le of The Pig and the Lady, and editor-at-large Kat Kinsman is tapping the country's most well-traveled cooks for their tips on how to eat like a pro on the road. We'll have dispatches from old standbys like Paris and Tokyo, as well as idiosyncratic culinary scenes like South Tyrol and Cartagena.

So put your seat backs up and make sure your tray tables are in their upright position. It's going to be a delicious ride.