How To Make Mac 'N Cheese And Roasted Vegetables At The Same Time

Cozy comfort with a side of roasted veg

There exists upon this planet some people who are just kind of meh on the topic of mac 'n' cheese. Seriously. They're out there.

Should you encounter one of these comfort-food-averse people: Don't panic. Convert them to the pasta-and-cheddar side with our easy Bare Bones Mac 'N Cheese (get the recipe). Follow the steps toward cheesy bliss with this how-to video that amps up the menu with a side of roasted roots.

The Samsung Flex Duo Range with Dual Door™ makes it a cinch. Craft roux, cook pasta and melt cheese all at once on the electric stovetop. Then load your panko-covered macaroni casserole into one section of the Dual Door oven while roasting your vegetables the other—each set to a different temperature. Bonus points go to the whisper-quiet Soft Close oven door for aiding in your culinary concentration. Cook your masterpiece, and they'll crown you a multitasker.

One bite will be enough to silence those mac 'n' cheese naysayers.