What's For Dinner: Sherry Cocktail, Amaranth Polenta And Sorbet

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

All eyes were on last night's lunar eclipse. Giant, full and glowing red? The stars were truly aligned. But if you were stuck inside (or thwarted by clouds), you don't have to wait until 2033 for more supermoon excitement. Instead, knock back a Harvest Moon cocktail and feast on superfoods for a stellar (er, lunar) party of your own.

① Drink: Harvest Moon
Instagram an overhead shot of this aptly named sherry-washed whiskey cocktail (with the new Moon filter, of course), and your followers won't know the difference from an actual lunar photo. Switch on Neil Young for full effect.

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② Main Course: Amaranth "Polenta" with Tuscan Kale
A supermoon calls for superfoods, like hearty, antioxidant-rich Tuscan kale. Stir it into Marco Canora's version of polenta, which swaps out the usual cornmeal for amaranth, a nutty ancient grain.

③ Dessert: Orange Red Hot Sorbet
Red Hots, those addictively spicy candies, are basically like tiny glowing supermoons. View them through binoculars, and it's practically the real deal. Or churn them into this bright sorbet, which has just the right balance of peppery cinnamon and sweet citrus.