Raising The Bar Snacks

Elevated bites fit for Belgian brew

The arrival of cozier nights—and football season—means it's time to kick off your fall entertaining.

So invite all your closest friends over for upgraded bar snacks that pair perfectly with Stella Artois, bring out the brews and consult this menu:

 Start with Roasted Almonds with Crispy Herbs (see the recipe) for a fragrant and salty crunch.

 Impress the crowd with Homemade Tortilla Chips (see the recipe) that you've personally crisped to order, pile on the nacho toppings and sip with a refreshing beer.

 Whip up guanciale-studded Carbonara Arancini (see the recipe), packed with creamy risotto.

 Go fish with a Sweet-and-Sour-Onion-Sardine Tartine (see the recipe). The currants add subtle tartness that plays beautifully with the light hops of Stella Artois.

Better get those invites out—you want to be in the running for the fall entertaining MVP.