What's For Dinner: Apple Cider Cocktail And Baked Quinoa

Ring in the season with an apple cider cocktail and roasted vegetables

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room: the oven. You've been neglecting it all summer, opting for hot-weather-friendly salads and tiki drinks. But now it's officially fall, so welcome the season by reviving the appliance with melty baked ricotta and a hearty quinoa-roasted vegetable main. Bonus points if you sport a sweater underneath your apron while cooking.

① Drink: Autumn Smash

Is there a more aptly named cocktail to kick off the season? Apple cider, the sweet beverage of your childhood, gets a grown-up pour of rum and a splash of amaro. Sip while your oven preheats, and it'll warm you from the inside out.

② Appetizer: Baked Ricotta with Mushrooms and Balsamic Brown Butter

Yes, this is an opportunity for you to consume a ramekin's worth of soft, gooey cheese. Serve it warm with your favorite loaf of crusty bread, repeat, and your body will be in prime shape for winter.

③ Main Course: Oven-Roasted Quinoa with Spiced Apples, Carrots and Red Onions

Your oven will be in overdrive for this satisfying vegetarian dish. Toasting the quinoa before baking gives it an extra-nutty taste, and roasted seasonal vegetables will make you so thankful for fall that you'll forget about the months of snow soon to follow.