The Best Cocktail Instagram Photos

The best cocktail Instagrams of the week

The perfect home bar is an elusive goal: too many bottles, not enough space. And stocking your favorites can take a toll on your wallet.

But that's an issue for another day—for now, take the easier route and live (or drink rather) vicariously through other imbibers. We scoured the web to see what cocktail aficionados and bars around the country were putting in their glasses this week to give you raw material for your home bar daydreams.

Check out our seven favorite finds in the slideshow below and follow Tasting Table on Instagram for more food and drink photos.

The cocktail blogger behind Stir and Strain stretched her summer until the bitter end with this tropical frozen cocktail. (photo by @stirandstrain)

Anvil Bar and Refuge owner Bobby Heugel knew what to do when he hit Portland: go to Clyde Common for a drink. (photo by @bobby_heugel)

The bartenders at New York cocktail bar Mace know that bubble tea is best when spiked with tequila. (photo by @macebarnyc)

Chicago bar The Violet Hour went green with an absinthe toast, kicking off its new Monday-through-Thursday L'heure Verte happy hour. (photo by @violethourchicago)

This tall, vibrant cocktail at New York hotspot Death & Co is in mint condition. (photo by @deathandconyc)

Even flamingos get thirsty sometimes. This one was getting down with the tiki bar trend at Chicago's Lost Lake. (photo by @lostlaketiki)

When you're at Cadet in Los Angeles, you don't stop at just one drink. (photo by @vivacadet)