Dinner Gets An Upgrade

Have a three-course meal without leaving home

Sometimes you envision yourself preparing an irresistible multicourse meal made from fresh, organic ingredients—but you usually wind up ordering takeout and leaving the dishes until tomorrow. (It happens.)

Upgrade your dinner any day of the week with Kitchit's in-home restaurant experience. When you hire a Kitchit private chef ($39 a person), you get a three-course menu, forgo the grocery shopping and skip the cleanup—giving you time to relax and open a bottle of wine with your guests. Bonus: Tasting Table readers get an exclusive 25 percent off their first order with code TT25.

Kitchit's seasonally inspired menus range from heirloom tomato and burrata salad, organic coq au vin and profiteroles to melon salad, local spring trout and olive oil cake. Plus, all ingredients are sourced responsibly (think grass-fed beef and line-caught tuna).

Busy day? Reservations are seamless, and you can book your chef by 1 p.m. for same-day service. Or plan ahead and book up to 30 days in advance.

Talk about not lifting a finger at your next dinner party.