What's For Dinner: Cocktail, Roasted Almonds And Chicken Wings

Make any hour happy hour with these three recipes

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

Imagine the disappointment of going out for after-work drinks only to hear, "I'm sorry, but happy hour is over." It's just 8:01—why should you stop being happy? Control your own destiny by making happy hour at home, where you can sip cocktails all night and enjoy enough "bar snacks" to call them dinner.

① Drink: Ce Soir

Your drink choice is crucial—it's the backbone of happy hour. So take the edge off with this warming cognac-based cocktail. Overflowing with herbal notes from both Cynar and Chartreuse, it's basically a salad you can drink.

② Appetizer: Roasted Almonds with Crispy Herbs

You'll need sustenance if you're going to last the full hour. All the herbs in your cocktail will feel right at home when paired with these fragrant, endlessly snackable spiced nuts studded with fried sage and rosemary leaves.

③ Snack: Chicken Wings with Brown Butter-and-Spinach Sauce

Instead of staining your fingers with orange buffalo sauce, give them a butter bath with these brown-butter wings. Enjoy the fancy variation on the bar standby as a heartier bite to go with your drink—all from the comfort of your own couch.