How We Grilled On The Flex Duo Range With Dual Door

Bring the BBQ indoors with the Samsung Flex Duo Range with Dual Door™

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Labor Day has passed, and as summer draws to an end, there's a strong chance you're still craving something chargrilled—and maybe even wearing white (which is perfectly OK). With the Samsung Flex Duo Range with Dual Door™, it's easy to keep the grill party going indoors.

Yes, it does contain two ovens in one, but it's worth zeroing in on the range: Complete with five burners, the flexible cooktop lets you whip up multiple dishes at once in pots and pans of varying sizes. Which means you can bust out the big grill pan to cook your kebabs, and the entire pan will get hot evenly.

Whether you're basting eggplant and red onion with an Asian-inspired marinade (get the recipe), going Greek with spicy and minty halloumi (get the recipe) or sizzling salty-sweet with pork-and-pineapple skewers (get the recipe), with a burner this big, there's plenty of room to grill a big batch or even make all three at once.

But don't stop there: With seamless cooktop temperature control, you can turn up the heat and (grill) mark them as your own.

It's easy to keep grilling alive well into chilly weather season—just remember to wear an apron if you're still rocking the white wardrobe.