Sweet And Savory Yogurt Breakfast Bowls

Ace your morning with sweet and savory toppings and mix-ins

Yogurt with fruit and granola on top—maybe some sliced almonds or a drizzle of honey—is perfectly acceptable and delicious. In fact, it's one of the most basic power breakfasts we can think of: You get a little protein, some fat and texture without a whole lot of thinking—and you're out the door.

But because yogurt has so many more possibilities, we took a deep dive into toppings and mix-ins to come up with these four fantastic new combinations. Good-bye standard breakfast; hello, layers and layers of flavor.

The Yogurt: Tillamook Plain and Simple 0% Farmstyle Greek Yogurt

The Toppings:

? Sliced fresh or dried figs

? Dollop of jammy caramelized red onions

? A few Gorgonzola crumbles

? A scattering of toasted hazelnuts

? Sprinkle of sea salt and cracked black pepper

The Flavor Profile: The classic marriage of caramelized onions, Gorgonzola and hazelnuts, together with the perfect creaminess of Tillamook Plain and Simple Farmstyle Greek Yogurt, delivers a burst of savory flavor. Think of it as a lovely cheese plate in yogurt form, with the figs adding sweetness and crunch, while the sea salt and pepper tie the whole experience together.

The Yogurt: Tillamook Key Lime 0% Farmstyle Greek Yogurt

The Toppings:

? Spoonful of freshly grated raw beets

? Spoonful of freshly grated horseradish

? Lime zest

? A drizzle of olive oil

? Sprinkle of sea salt

? Sprinkle of Aleppo pepper

? Fresh cilantro leaves

The Flavor Profile: Sweet, crunchy beets and unctuous olive oil enhance the zesty Tillamook Key Lime Yogurt. Horseradish and Aleppo pepper bring the heat, while lime zest and cilantro cool down the flavors of this sweet-and-savory combination we'd happily eat for lunch.

The Yogurt: Tillamook Pacific Northwest Honey 0% Farmstyle Greek Yogurt

The Toppings:

? Sprinkle of turmeric, stirred in

? Sprinkle of cardamom, stirred in

? Tangerine segments

? A scattering of soaked plump currants

? A scattering of toasted sliced almonds

? Torn fresh mint leaves

The Flavor Profile: Stir in the cardamom and turmeric to give a comforting warmth to the softly floral Tillamook Pacific Northwest Honey Yogurt. The tangerine, currants and mint wake up all the flavors, which are reminiscent of a sweet tagine.

The Yogurt: Tillamook Coffeehouse Blend 2% Farmstyle Greek Yogurt

The Toppings:

? Drizzle of well-stirred natural peanut butter

? Chopped dark chocolate chunks

? A scattering of homemade thick-cut bacon bits

? Ripe banana slices

The Flavor Profile: The feel-good pairing of peanut butter and chocolate is a classic. Tossing in salty bacon and ripe banana may be a no-brainer, but Tillamook rich Colombian coffee-blended Yogurt is the distinctive flavor game changer. It's like your morning latte met your favorite sandwich and fell in love.