Squeeze A Tomato Over Your Salad For A Quick Dressing

You're one tomato away from delicious salad dressing

When we were out on Long Island with Marc Forgione and Chris Jaeckle, we picked up a salad dressing idea from Forgione that's somehow not commonly used. We've tried this trick since the trip (for science's sake, of course), and it's a salad game changer. It's so simple and so genius: Forgione squeezes fat heirloom tomatoes like lemons for salad dressing. This infuses the salad with its sweet water and fleshy chunks, and no matter what, it's going to taste fresher than anything bottled. For vinaigrettes, you can cut down on the red wine vinegar, sherry vinegar or whatever acid you're using and sub in more of this natural, more rounded acid. It would be difficult to overdo it, so squeeze away. Then lick the pulp from your fingers and thank us (er, Forgione) for the idea.