How To Throw A Party Like Tasting Table

Take tips from TT to throw your own amazing bash

Not to toot our own horn, but Tasting Table threw more than a few incredible parties at the TT Hamptons House presented by Samsung Home Appliance this summer. Rosé tastings, raw bars, brunch spreads, DIY parfait and Bloody Mary bars can provide endless entertaining inspiration for your own get-togethers. Here, we share our favorite recipes and tips from these smashing soirees, so you can crib them for your next party.

THE PARTY: Rosé, Raw Bar and Canapés


Think pink. Instead of white wine or bubbly, pour rosé (we served Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve Rosé, and here are six more stellar bottles) with a raw bar and finger food during hot summer months.

Heighten expectations. Lure guests to the appetizer table with fresh oysters and shrimp (we stocked ours from Citarella) served on impressive ice-filled towers.

Make the familiar fantastic. Chef David Kirschner upgraded classic summer finger food for the canapés. Take his lead by brushing Hebrew National's Franks in a Blanket with an egg wash then lightly tossing them with equal parts poppy seeds, white sesame seeds, dried minced onion, dried minced garlic and sea salt—a mix he calls his "Everything Crumb."

Pair perfectly. You can't beat pigs in a blanket paired with a crisp pale lager like Stella Artois.

Chill out. Make your own rosé snow cones (get the recipe); not only are they interactive for your guests, but they're a refreshing way to cleanse their palates.

Stick to a theme. You've already got plenty of rosé, so why not use it in cocktails? This sangria made with Amaro di Angostura liqueur, orange, pineapple, lime and Angostura orange bitters is easy and ever so batchable.

Break the ice. Old-school games, including Jenga, cornhole and ping-pong help guests get to know each other and engage in a little friendly competition while they're at it.

THE PARTY: Rise, Reflect, Refuel


Develop healthy friendships. Have your pals over for yoga (or hit a class together), followed by a healthy spread for the perfect weekend detox. At our event, Mary the "Singing Yogi" from KamaDeva, taught a yoga class in the backyard that included guitar playing and singing. Afterward, Zeel gave massages, and Stylisted offered post-workout makeup and hair touch-ups.

Mix and match. Even if massages and makeup aren't an option, a DIY parfait bar—with an assortment of berries, granola, nuts and toppings—is a brunch must. It's an easy option for busy hosts and guests to inevitably love what they create. Think of it like a grown-up ice cream sundae bar—just a little bit on the healthier side.

Refuel beautifully. After a great yoga session, your guests will likely want a little protein to recharge. Ours came in the form of these gorgeous smoked salmon canapés.

THE PARTY: Recovery Brunch


Make brunch matter. The morning after a great party can lead to another great party—so make sure you're prepared. Take a cue from chef Gabe Kennedy's recovery brunch—where guests munched on sweet pea basil pancakes, avocado toast, soft scrambled eggs with lox and chia seed pudding parfaits in jars.

Rise and shine. Morning festivities are best started with a jolt of caffeine, whether in the form of coffee or soda (we served new Coca-Cola Life made with a blend of cane sugar and stevia leaf extract).

Wake and shake. Hair of the dog is essential at any proper brunch. Set up a Bloody Mary bar so friends can choose their own garnishes. Ours offered glasses, ice, Bloody Mary mix, vodka (or gin), an assortment of hot sauces, horseradish and extras like pickles, olives and bacon.

Add a pop of color. The trick to daytime drinking is balance, so keep the cocktails not too strong and super refreshing. These strawberry elderflower ice pops made with brut rosé did the trick beautifully. "I simmered fresh strawberries in St-Germain and sparkling wine, blended half, then folded in the rest of the chunky strawberries and some blueberries for texture and finished it with lime juice, zest and some water. I put them in the freezer and ended up with epic pops," Kennedy says.

Make memories. You're never too old to leave a party with a goody bag. Our Hamptons-appropriate beach bags were brimming with Salty Road Taffy, itty-bitty Angostura bitters, spray lotion from St. Ives, aromatherapeutic hand soap from Caldrea and more. Take the idea and put your own spin on it—whether it's homemade baked treats, secondhand paperback favorites or a beloved recipe written out on a pretty card, a tiny token can have a big impact on guests—and make your party that much more memorable after it's over.