How We Used The Samsung Flex Duo Range With Dual Door™

How we used the Samsung Home Appliance Flex Duo Range with Dual Door™ to fry perfectly crisp clams

Sure, the clams and the batter are important, but nailing a perfectly crispy-crunchy-chewy fried clam texture really comes down to the right oil temperature. Here's how the Samsung Home Appliance Flex Duo Range with Dual Door™ made frying (and cleaning) a whole lot easier.

Flexible Cooktop

Not only does it look sleek, the five-burner electric cooktop gives you the flexibility to simultaneously cook multiple dishes using different-size pans. The oval burner is especially handy for oversize pots and pans. It was exactly what we needed for the humongous pot we used (overcrowding clams causes the oil temperature to drop, so they need longer cooking time and often end up tough). Here, the oil not only got hot quickly but stayed hot, batch after beautiful batch.

Bonus: The smooth ceramic surface was easy to wipe down when we were done. Frying can get messy, but take one bite of a tartar-sauce-dunked fried clam, and you'll know it's so worth it.