What's For Dinner: Roasted Snapper, Mole And Pistachio Croissants

Go nuts with this pistachio-packed meal

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

If going green meant eating nothing but pistachios, we would have no trouble at all. The small, unassuming nuts pack in protein, vitamins and earthy taste, and are best when churned into ice cream. But they're versatile enough to jazz up every course of your meal, so get cracking with this pistachio-studded dinner menu.

① Main Course: Roasted Red Snapper with Citrus and Pistachios

When it comes to seafood, whole fish is the way to go. There's no need to try your hand at filleting, and it always makes an impressive presentation. A sprinkling of chopped, toasted pistachios adds a pop of color and crunch to this dish.

② Sauce: Pistachio Mole

Chef Akhtar Nawab adds an Indian edge to his mole, which is just as good on whole fish as it is on crispy fish tacos. Freeze any extras in an ice cube tray, and eating green will be easier than ever.

③ Dessert: Pistachio Croissants

If French toast isn't enough to convince you of the possibilities that less-than-fresh pastries hold, this panino-esque treat will do the trick. The recipe calls for day-old croissants, but the sweet pistachio spread will make them taste brand new.