The Best Picnic Gear 2015

Before you know it, we'll be writing odes to the changing leaves and extolling the virtues of a big pot of stew.

But don't worry: We're not there yet. And while the sun is still burning bright, and we're in need of shade, not sweaters, we'll be taking our meals outside.

Should you feel the same, you're in luck: We've rounded up our very favorite picnic gear for your alfresco feast.

Peterboro Ice Master

Look familiar? It should; we already sang its praises. But, hey, we'll do it again: There's just no better basket out there., $59

Kate Spade Grass Is Greener Picnic Blanket

You're taking in the scenery, breathing in fresh air and basking in the sun's rays. Sit on the grass (while avoiding soggy clothes and muddy spots) with a grass-printed blanket., $45

Pedal Happy Bicycle-Mounted Wine Holder

Should you have a fairly long trek to your picnic grounds, you may have to sacrifice a few things to lighten the load. Wine isn't one of those things., $65

Mölkky Lawn Game

The Italians and the French have ruled the scene long enough. Put away the bocce and the pétanque, and let the Finnish have their day in the sun with this bowling-like game., $49

Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool

Remember that wine bottle packed on your bike? You're going to need something to open it with (and make a few cocktails while you're at it)., $30

RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Sitting on the ground is no excuse for ditching stemware. Toss indestructible ones into your tote and be on your wine-soaked way., $28 for a set of two

Zassenhaus 3-Piece Cheese Knife Set

According to the very official Tasting Table house rules, it isn't a picnic unless there are at least three types of cheeses. (And there's no way we're cutting Humboldt Fog with a plastic knife.), $27

West Elm Ash + Steel Serving Tray

Let's take a quick stock of this epic picnic: There's fancy cheese, all-out cocktails and probably a few more bells and whistles in that basket. Give the spread a proper home., $99

Kikkerland Party Pick Ants

It is a truth universally acknowledged that ants crash every picnic. Have a sense of humor about it with festive picks for snacks., $9 for 20

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen A2 Bluetooth Speaker

No, you shouldn't rely on ye olde phone-in-a-cup trick. Invest in a serious portable speaker with a handy leather strap and battery that lasts up to 24 hours., $399

Hinza Eco-Plastic Market Bag

Accidental lemonade spill? Melty ice cream drip on the outside? No bother. Wipe this tote clean, and you're ready for the next adventure., $38 to $42

Neon Stripe Picnic Straws

Come Labor Day, summer neons must be packed away. Enjoy them while you can, even if it's by way of a simple straw., $5 for 24

French Picnic Flatware Set

You didn't think you would make it out of here without at least a little bit of gingham, now did you?, $20 a pair

Verterra Compostable Dinnerware

If this is more of a party than an intimate gathering, toting 20-plus enamel plates will be a headache. Be a good friend (to your pals and to the earth) and take along compostable ones instead., $15 to $18 for 25

Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrap

Speaking of which, go ahead and skip the unwieldy plastic stuff. Just tuck sandwiches into reusable wrap that's kept in place with a sturdy button-and-string closure., $10 each

Illume Garden Sage Chroma Tin

Loath as we are to admit it, days are getting shorter. Keep the soiree going while keeping mosquitoes at bay with a candle that smells a helluva lot better than citronella., $23.50

MiiR Stainless Steel Growler

We're all for glass growlers, but they don't make for quality outdoor imbibing. This one, however, doesn't let the carbonation escape and is impervious to the sun's rays, chilling beer for up to 24 hours., $60

Falcon Enamelware Tumblers

If you're civilized enough to have a temperature-control growler, you're civilized enough to drink its contents from handsome cups., $8 each

Sucre Shop Colorblock Ice Cream Spoons

Relive camp glory days by packing the small cups of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with slightly upgraded wooden spoons to end the feast right., $10 for 20

Restoration Hardware Boomerang

Plenty of other picnickers had the same idea as you. Avoid knocking out your neighbors with a frisbee and go for a trusty wooden boomerang instead., $16

Haptic Lab Diamond Kite

Stretch your legs and introduce a little bit of whimsy to the day with a handmade kite., $42