7 Best Ice Cream Float Recipes With Tillamook

Ice cream and soda pairings that will have you floating on air

Ah, the ice cream float. Part fizz, part ice cream, a dash of nostalgia . . . this dreamy drink/dessert instantly takes us back to summertimes when the living was easy.

Fortunately, it couldn't be easier to make: Add a scoop of ice cream to a chilled glass (make sure to choose something with plenty of room for the magical foaming action), pour in your soda and sip/scoop away (we recommend a straw and a spoon for maximum enjoyment).

Though we love a good old-fashioned root beer float, we decided to shake things up a little. So we poured countless kinds of soda over different flavors of Tillamook Ice Cream to come up with bangin' new fizzy, frosty combos that float our boat. Ice-cold refreshment, here we come.

Purple Cow: Vanilla ice cream + grape-flavored soda

Sweet-tart grape soda contrasts perfectly with the sweet, creamy taste of classic vanilla.

The Nutty Professor: Caramel Butter Pecan ice cream + ginger ale

Spicy, citrusy ginger ale highlights the buttery, nutty flavor of this luscious ice cream.

Black & Tan: Salted Butterscotch ice cream + cola

Sweet, syrupy cola plays up the savory factor of this addictive salty-sweet ice cream.

Mocha Joe: Espresso Mocha ice cream + seltzer water

Bright, clean seltzer cuts through this rich coffee-and-chocolate ice cream for the ultimate a.m. buzz.

Cocoa Creamsicle: Chocolate ice cream + orange-flavored soda

The classic sweet-tart creamsicle combination gets a dark, chocolaty twist.

Huckleberry Finn: Mountain Huckleberry ice cream + cherry-flavored cola

The sweet berry note in cherry cola teases out the tart huckleberry flavor (which is reminiscent of a more intense blueberry).

El Cremoso: Cinnamon Horchata ice cream + cream soda

Ice cream infused with rice flour (just like traditional Mexican horchata) and Vietnamese cinnamon plus cream soda equals extra-creamy, foamy deliciousness with a warming spicy kick.