The Best Ice Cream Gear, Brought To You By Tillamook

The coolest cups, spoons, toppings and more

Here's the scoop: Tillamook Ice Cream tastes even better when it's served with a sprinkling of style. That's why we've rounded up a few of our favorite accoutrements and accompaniments to make your ice cream experience even more eventful.

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Jack Rudy Cocktail Cherries

If you've had only neon-hued maraschinos atop your sundae, you're in for a real sucker punch. Charleston's Brooks Reitz is known for the care with which he crafts his ingredients, and these grown-up, bourbon-drenched cherries are no exception.

Photo: Courtesy of Virginia Sin

Porcelain Sugar Cone

Don't risk being a drip! These dishwasher- and microwave-safe porcelain cones are some of the coolest ice cream vessels we've ever seen. Though they're best, of course, with a sweet scoop nestled within, they also make darling bud vases, candleholders and more.

Photo: Courtesy of Sweet Lulu

Glittery Gold Ice Cream Paddles

A great bowl of ice cream is an occasion all its own, but why not turn an ice cream social into a fancy-pants soiree with the addition of these glitzy little scoopers? They're modeled after the standard wooden paddle, but you can use (and delight in) them again and again.

Photo: Courtesy of A Half Life

All-Natural Coffee Syrup Sampler

Rhode Islanders take their coffee milk seriously (it's actually the state beverage), and they know it starts with a top-notch syrup. This small-batch, hand-roasted, cold-brewed sampler, perfect for drizzling all over a scoop, is made by a local, so you know you're getting the good stuff.

Photo: Courtesy of Beach House Living via Etsy

Hand-Stamped Ice Cream Spoons

Never squabble over whose pint is whose again! Upcycled vintage spoons get a new lease on life with cheeky "His/Hers," "Mom's/Dad's" or "Your/My Ice Cream" labels. They're sold in pairs—just in case you do feel like sharing.