What's For Dinner: Port Punch, Chicken Curry And Roasted Figs

Make a Portuguese feast fueled with the famed fortified wine

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

With half its border along the Atlantic, it's no surprise that Portugal consumes the most fish per person in all of Europe. But due to a history of imperialism (and thus colonial influence), the country's cuisine is so much more than just sardines and bacalhau. Dive into this Portuguese-inspired menu of chicken, port and more port—after all, the fortified wine is half of "Portugal."

① Drink: Port Punch

"Port cocktail" may evoke visions of warm, wintry mulled wines, but this white port punch is light and refreshing for summer days. The cooler has the grape trifecta—white wine, grape juice and port—which makes it three times as delicious.

② Main Course: Portuguese Chicken Curry with Chorizo and Olives

This one-pot wonder hails from Macau, a former Portuguese colony near Hong Kong. Coconut and chorizo lend the curry a Portuguese spin, while fresh ginger and steamed rice ground it in its geographic location. Once you throw everything in, step away and let the mixture slowly simmer to succulent braised chicken perfection.

③ Dessert: Honey-Roasted Black Mission Figs and Amaretti Whipped Cream

Port returns for the dessert course, but this time in its more well-known ruby form. Though your Mission figs likely hail from California, they soak up enough port and Italian liqueur-spiked whipped cream here to speak with a vaguely European accent.