Take A Break With Friends

La Brea Bakery hits the road

Few things soothe the soul quite like a slice of fresh, warm bread. Maybe two.

This summer, La Brea Bakery is taking their top-rated, artisanal bread across the country for the Breaking Bread Tour. Join them as they host a series of dinners, community events and more (see the tour details), centered around their multitude of loaves handcrafted with top-quality ingredients.

They're also pairing up with other artisanal brands (think naturally aged cheeses and inventive jams) to create recipes featuring their delicious breads—which you can sample on the tour, of course.

Expect tasty bites like sriracha aioli and bold pepper jack cheese on fragrant Rosemary Olive Oil bread and slices of their hearty Tuscan Loaf topped with tomato herb bruschetta.

Track down the truck and forget about everything else for a bit, because there should always be time for a meal with those you love most.