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The early bird gets the turmeric

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Fresh from Fiji

The early bird gets the turmeric

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Wakaya Perfection | Tasting Table

For your new go-to smoothie mix-in, turn to Wakaya Perfection's hand-harvested Fijian turmeric powder. It's the ideal way to add warm, earthy spice—as well as a pop of color—to all your meals.

Bonus: Tasting Table readers receive 20 percent off their next purchase with code TT20OFF, so it's prime time to stock up. Order today and try these turmeric-spiked recipes:

 Start the day with this vibrant spice in a Berry Mango Smoothie (get the recipe) that's as tropical as the powder itself.

 Dress your lunchtime salads with Ginger and Turmeric Vinaigrette (get the recipe).

 Break out the chips for an anytime snack of Spicy Dip with Ginger and Turmeric (get the recipe).

Turmeric is known to fight inflammation and promote easy digestion. And Wakaya Perfection's all-natural turmeric is also available in capsules, so you can enjoy all these benefits on the go.

Delight your senses and feel good from the inside out, all day long.

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