What's For Dinner: Mexican Corn Dip, Short Ribs And Cookies

End the week with a Mexican feast

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

It's easy to fall into a taco rut. Not that we don't love tacos, but there's so much diversity (and deliciousness) to Mexican cuisine, from refreshing salsas to cool agua frescas. So take a break from your taco diet and make this three-course meal, which will have you happily digging deeper into Mexico's varied cuisine.

① Appetizer: Corn Dip with Pecorino Romano and Roasted Jalapeño

Corn ditches the cob and dives into the dip bowl for this take on elotes, the Mexican street staple. Homemade tortilla chips make the ultimate vehicle for this chilled, creamy delight.

② Main Course: Pineapple-Chipotle Grilled Short Ribs

Chef Jason Marcus combines his Jewish roots with Mexican flavors for these flash-grilled short ribs. Save any leftover pineapple pico de gallo to add to grilled chicken tomorrow.

③ Dessert: Mexican Chocolate-Chip Cookies

These may look like ordinary chocolate chip cookies—if there even is such a thing—but Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio (literally) spices them up with cinnamon-flecked Mexican chocolate. Swap your glass of milk for a horchata for bonus points.