The Sweet Spot

Where all your ice cream dreams come true

It's been a pretty great summer so far, but it's about to get even cooler. Tasting Table has partnered with Tillamook to bring you Dairy to Dream, an udderly delicious guide to everything ice cream. Here's what to expect:

 Affogato Amore: Find out what happens when espresso meets Oregon Hazelnut & Salted Caramel ice cream (get the recipe). (Spoiler alert: You'll swoon.)

 Milkshakes + Mash-ups: Whip up a Marionberry Pie Shake with Crumbled Crust (get the recipe) or go new/old school with a DIY drumstick and s'mores mash-up (watch the video).

• Alluring Ice Cream Sandwiches: Sultry days have met their match with these Mango-Mudslide masterpieces (get the recipe).

• Sundae Funday: Meet the best thing that's happened to butter pecan in a long time (get the recipe).

Make sure you start with ultra-creamy, downright-dreamy Tillamook Ice Cream, crafted with milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones like rBST. Since it's made with extra cream, not extra air, every scoop tastes ridiculously smooth and rich.

Now that's dairy done right.