Power Hour

Upgrade your pancakes, muffins and more

The next great superfood is . . . a hot stack of chocolate banana pancakes. Or a generous scoop of luscious raw chocolate ice cream.

Yes, you can still indulge while packing in all the vitamins and proteins your body needs simply by adding a dash of Vegan ALOHA Protein to your cooking.

Bonus: Tasting Table readers can snag a free sample.

Made with organic whole foods, like pumpkin seeds, wild-harvested vanilla and fair trade cacao, this protein powder supplies 18 grams of pure protein and nutrients, without soy, gluten, dairy or artificial flavors.

ALOHA makes it easy to pump up your favorite foods. Blend it with a creamy almond butter for more luxurious morning toast, fold it into pancake batter at your next weekend brunch or add a packet to a batch of banana nut muffins.

Now this is a breakfast worth waking up for.