What's for Dinner: Cereal Thrillers

The childhood staple graduates to suppertime

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

We're the first to admit the many ways a bowl of milk-softened cereal hits the spot for a no-frills dinner. So we've created this menu highlighting all the joys of a cereal meal only with a bit more grown-up sophistication. Because cereal for dinner is an extremely acceptable adult habit—especially if it's not actually in a bowl.

① Appetizer: Ancient Grain Salad

Technically speaking, the term "cereal" refers to any edible grain—no rainbow marshmallows required. Take cereal back to its roots with this three-grain salad scattered with oranges and pumpkin seeds.

② Main Course: Cap'n Crunch Pancakes

If you're cooking from a box featuring a jolly ship captain, you can't take things too seriously. And since it's going to feel like breakfast for dinner no matter what, go all out with a double dose of breakfast staples. Besides, Cap'n Crunch is essentially made up of corn and oat flours—and that sounds like a perfect pancake base to us.

③ Dessert: Green Chartreuse Rice Krispies Slices

The bake sale classic gets an edgy makeover, thanks to the verdant glow of chartreuse. The liquor's aromatic blend—it's made from a secret recipe consisting of 130 herbs—complements the chewy mix of marshmallows, puffed rice and a generous handful of chocolate chips.