What's For Dinner: Baked Oysters, Buffalo Wings And Granita

Bring on the second part of 2015 with this celebratory meal

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

It's July 1, meaning the year is officially halfway over. After today, we're barreling toward a presidential election, the Summer Olympics in Rio and everything else 2016 will bring. Now before you attempt to renew those dusty New Year's resolutions, take time to celebrate half a year done well. We've got some ideas—Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream, a half-sandwich-half-salad deal—but first, make this dinner of half-themed dishes.

① Appetizer: Oysters Gregory with Grilled Leeks, Bacon and Paprika

Whether you break out your grill pan or take them outside, charred leeks (and sizzling bacon) are key to infusing smoky flavor into these baked oysters served, of course, on the half shell. Because oysters on the whole shell would just be frustrating, right?

② Main Course: Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

Though you probably shouldn't half-cook these—salmonella is real—you can still go halfsies by halving the chicken wings before cooking. Whether your preference is the crispy wing tip or the meaty drumette, these spicy baked wings (and cooling blue cheese counterpart) aren't half bad.

③ Dessert: Coffee Granita

Reason No. 47 to love the Italians: They eat this granita for breakfast. Homemade granita is an easier alternative to making ice cream since it doesn't require any special equipment. And since it's only half frozen, it takes half the time.