What's For Dinner: Fondue, Shabu-Shabu And Ice Cream Sundaes

Leave tonight's feast to your guests (and minimal prep to yourself)

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

As great as dinner parties are, some nights you still want to play host without putting in hours of legwork. Instead of giving into two large pies, we have a better idea: Host a DIY dinner party. Guest mingling is built in; besides, food always tastes better when everyone pitches in. Plus, with Italian fondue, a Japanese hot pot and a good, old American ice cream sundae, this is one worldly feast.

① Appetizer: Robiola Fonduta

Two words: melted cheese. And if that's not enough, two more words—crusty bread—will have you sold. Whether you serve the buttery Italian cheese dip in one large pot or portion it out to guests for individual dunking, no one can say no to this cheesy celebration.

② Main Course: Shabu Shabu

Since the components of this communal dish are cooked to order, everyone gets to be the chef tonight. All you have to do ahead of time is prepare the broth and plate the add-ins, like thin cuts of rib eye and spicy mizuna. And with bok choy, tofu and two types of mushrooms, your vegetarian friends can join in, too.

③ Dessert: The Salty Grahama

Let your guests customize their own ratio of salty to sweet with this free-form sundae. Store-bought ice cream works just fine if you don't have time to make your own. Fair warning though: You might find yourself pouring Jeni's whiskey caramel sauce over all your desserts from now on.