Whole Lotta Colada

Improve your summer sippers

The perfect summer routine: sun-soaked lounging, zero stress and something refreshing to drink.

And you can keep your season of R&R that way, thanks to Wakaya Perfection Kava Powder. Bonus: Tasting Table readers can get a taste of Fiji paradise with an exclusive 20 percent off your next purchase with code TT20OFF.

Swirl the powder into a tropical and refreshing Fijian Colada (get the recipe) or cool down and chill out by adding kava to a Blueberry Organic Ginger Yogurt Smoothie (get the recipe).

Throwing a party? Upgrade your poolside pitchers with Fresh Mint Ginger Lemonade (get the recipe) bolstered with a dash of ginger and kava.

Crafted from thick, leafy plants in the Pacific, kava powder is known to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and insomnia, relieve muscle pain, combat depression, improve skin conditions and help with weight loss1 as well as add an extra kick to summer's best drinks.

Now settle in and drink up.