What's For Dinner: Negroni, Lamb Shanks And Oatmeal Cookies

Celebrate fatherhood with this dad-inspired menu

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

One hundred and five years ago today, a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd held the first Father's Day commemoration, forever changing the plan of dads everywhere for the third Sunday in June. The tradition caught on—after treating Mom the month before, now it's Dad's turn. To celebrate, we created this menu of dishes inspired by chefs' own fathers. Even if you're not meeting up with Dad this weekend, we suggest you go ahead and cook this fatherly feast (you have to eat something).

① Drink: Mortoni Cocktail

Danny Meyer, father of not only 50-plus Shake Shack locations but also four human children, named this drink after his own father. It's a bright variation on the Negroni, swapping the vodka for gin and tonic instead of vermouth. Meyer finishes it with a trifecta of citrus juices for a refreshing touch.

② Main Course: Lamb Shanks with Charred Lettuce and Peas

Though the cooking itself was done by his mother, our own Andy Baraghani associates this hearty dish with his dad's ceremonial extraction and enjoyment of the bone marrow. Trim the meat however you'd like, but whatever you do, don't throw out the marrow.

③ Dessert: Cinnamon Chai Oatmeal Cookies

Your dad gave you half of his genes—and good looks—so why not give him a cookie for his generosity? You won't miss the chocolate chips in this oatmeal cookie, which chef Greer Gilchrist crafted with her father in mind. Loose-leaf chai tea infuses the batter with warm, fragrant spices and all without taking out a single spice jar.