What's For Dinner: Grilled Fish And Sautéed Okra

Make your kitchen feel like the heart of Texas

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

No matter how many times it's tried to secede, you can't ignore the fact that Texas knows how to do food. After all, we have the great state to thank for Dr Pepper, Frito pie and half of Tex-Mex. Make a meal fine as cream gravy with this menu of grilled fish, sautéed okra and ice cream sandwiches, because though Texans may have just one star on their flag, when it comes to their food, we'd give 'em five.

① Main Course: Pescado a la Talla

Texas has never been known for a shortage of meat (its state dish? Chili). But Texas-born chef Johnny Hernandez gives fish its due with his chile-rubbed grilled snapper, layered with bold flavors that scream "Don't mess with Texas."

② Side Dish: Texas Okra

It's often just relegated to gumbo, but okra deserves some recognition. Sautéed in a spicy walnut sauce, this homey dish will have you singing the praises of the Southern staple. If okra's naturally slimy feel isn't your thing, try this technique to avoid it altogether.

③ Dessert: Ice Cream Sliders

Everything's bigger in Texas, except when it comes to these ice cream sandwiches. Texas (along with at least five other states) claims to have invented the hamburger. Though we're not quite sure if that's true, pay homage regardless by eating your ice cream, drizzled with homemade caramel walnut syrup, on a hamburger bun.