How To Remove Eggshell Pieces From Cracked Eggs

Use this simple trick to remove eggshell pieces from cracked eggs

The hack: Get broken eggshell pieces out of your bowl of cracked eggs.

How to do it: Simple. Wet your fingers. The water will attract the eggshell. And your fingers will act like a magnet, instantly drawing out the pesky shell bits.

Why it's worth it: If you wanted crunch in your omelet, you would've added peppers. But fishing for eggshells can feel like a dog chasing its own tail. Try as you may, you never manage to catch it. Using the larger shell pieces to scoop it out can work, too, but you risk breaking the shell further and having an even larger problem on your hands.

Tip: It's best to crack eggs into a bowl first, so you can give yourself the chance to remove any unwanted pieces. If you're going one step further and separating yolks from whites, use three bowls: one large bowl to crack the eggs over in case a shell does break, and one each to collect the yolks and the whites.