The Summer Of Salmon

Make salmon your grilling go-to

This season, go a little wild with your grilling.

The summer Alaska salmon harvest is underway, and with five wild species ranging from robust sockeye to mild coho, there's something for everyone. The Alaska fisheries are committed to sustainable practices that ensure pure-tasting fish. And they're bringing high-quality wild salmon from chilly Northern waters to your backyard with simple, healthy recipe ideas.

Fire up the grill and try these flavorful salmon recipes at your next cookout:

 Swap in surf for turf to make an Alaska Salmon Burger (get the recipe), topped with a cherry juice-infused chutney of rhubarb and dried fruit.

 Give salmon a Provençal twist with Alaska Sockeye Salmon with Herbs and Garlic (get the recipe), cooked in a butter-white wine sauce in a foil pan.

 Try out a new grilling method for Planked Alaska Salmon (get the recipe) brushed with a sweet ginger-and-soy glaze.

Get set to take wild salmon from open ocean to open fire all summer long.