All About That Baste

Master the perfect fried egg

What's not to love about a fried egg? It has a crispy white, a sauce-like yolk and endless breakfast possibilities.

With Nellie's Free Range Eggs, there's even more to love. Their free-range hens lay exceptional eggs, thanks to antibiotic-free feed and access to the great outdoors. And Nellie's promises to treat everyone with care: the chickens, their employees and the environment.

Now the nation's first certified humane egg farm is sharing a genius new way to fry one up (watch the video). The trick? Basting.

Spooning oil on top of the egg white cooks the egg on both sides, but leaves the yolk with a silky rich consistency that's perfect to sop up with toast.

So grab a dozen, tune in and start frying. The whole thing comes together in seconds, and with Nellie's kind ideals and family farm-produced eggs, this is a breakfast that you'll feel good about.

After all, happy yolks make for happy folks.