This Thing Now: Inflatable Pizza Pool Float

Soak up the sun on a giant inflatable slice

Few things sound better than a 6-foot-long slice of pizza. Especially one on which you can lie down and take a relaxing nap—in a pool, no less. But if you were to actually do this, chances are you'd wake up an hour later with a face full of sauce and potentially some minor grease burns.

Urban Outfitters has your back, pizza lovers, with this cheeky, inflatable pool float: Lie among the pepperoni, mushrooms and olives. Rest your head on the golden crust. Make use of the two cup holders (one for a beverage, one for a slice of pizza). Whether you're lounging by the pool or taking a trip to the beach, the float is perfect for dozing off and dreaming about pizza.

We love the pizza slice for its loungeable square footage, but if for whatever reason pizza doesn't, ahem, float your boat, you can opt for a donut or pretzel, instead. Or, order all three for an inflatable, balanced meal.

And did we mention that the pizza float can link up with other slices? Buy a bunch and you can make a floating pie topped with all your friends. Call the local spot for delivery, and you're set.

After all, when else could you say you were in the pool, eating pizza on a pizza?