Destination Peru

Discover a Peruvian coffee treasure

Nespresso invites coffee lovers to discover a delicious region of coffee with the new Limited Edition Perú Secreto Grand Cru—a unique coffee sourced from the remote farms that cling to the spectacular Andean hillsides and valleys.

This intense, sweet espresso with roasted and cocoa notes transforms when paired with milk, developing a creamy texture, reminiscent of a banana flambé. Its silky finish transports the senses to the Peruvian Andes.

Elevate your Perú Secreto experience with these Nespresso recipes:

Enhance the creaminess with steamed milk in this Ginger & Pepper Cappuccino (get the recipe).

Balance the sweet flavor with a dash of spice in this Red & Orange Spicy Mocktail (get the recipe).

The Peruvian Andes are just a sip away with Nespresso.