How To Make Your Phone Speakers Louder With A Paper Towel Roll

How to make your own speakers out of everyday kitchen tools

The hack: Use what you already have around the kitchen to make iPhone speakers.

How to do it: Cut a slit lengthwise in the middle of an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll large enough for an iPhone to fit into. The result: Sound travels through the roll, amplifying the music, and you have now just made your own kitchen speakers. Don't have an empty roll on hand? No problem! Place your phone or iPod into a plastic quart container, Solo cup, mason jar or small metal bowl. They all work.

Why it's worth it: Cooking in silence is no fun. Keep yourself company with your favorite tunes.

Tip: If possible, have the speakers on your phone facing the bottom of the roll, cup, container or bowl so that there's more surface area for the sound to bounce off. It adds that subtle but necessary boom to up your speaker game.