What's For Dinner: Grape Soda, Brazilian Nachos And Caramel Corn

Enjoy dinner and a movie without leaving the house

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

When the temperature heats up, we like to camp out in a movie theater's air-conditioned bliss. Plus, the snacks are (at least) half the fun: giant soda machines, rivers of cheese from a spout and all the candy you could dream of. But watching a movie at home is much more cost effective and can be just as fun. So instead of venturing out tonight, pop some corn and pop in a DVD.

① Drink: Tender Greens' Grape Soda

You won't need fancy equipment to make soda at home with this recipe from Tender Greens. It's a refreshing grape soda that actually tastes like grape without any questionable purple food coloring.

② Main Course: Feijoada Nachos

Loaded with chorizo, pork tenderloin and black beans, these nachos mean business. If you're really feeling ambitious, fry the tortillas instead for homemade chips.

③ Dessert: Coconut-Curry-Caramel Corn

Is a movie night really ever complete without popcorn? Sometimes this means a butter-soaked giant tub (for "sharing"), but tonight is all about caramel corn's addictive sweet/salty combo and all the happiness it brings.