What's For Dinner: Grilled Sardines, Sea Bass And Plum Cake

Grill sardines and sea bass for the perfect Friday dinner

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

It's no secret we can't stop, won't stop grilling this month—and Friday night is the perfect chance to kick back and light a fire. But instead of making your go-to burger or steak, stop by the fish market on the way home to pick up sardines and sea bass for a swimmingly good time. And don't worry, we're keeping seafood out of the dessert course in favor of a grilled upside-down plum cake.

① Appetizer: Grilled Sardines on Brioche with Radishes

Considering their small stature, sardines are practically begging to be eaten as a first course. When laid upon plush brioche and dotted with roe, they become irresistible.

② Main Course: Grilled Black Sea Bass with Cucumber and Cilantro Salad

"Whole fish" cooking beats "whole hog," since you can comfortably take down the whole thing in one night (and it doesn't take all day to make). A quick marinade infuses plenty of flavor, and you'll want to eat the refreshing cucumber salad all summer long.

③ Dessert: Cast-Iron Plum Cake

Yes, you can bake a cake without stepping foot inside your house. Your dinner guests will think this is just an "ordinary" cake (if there is such a thing), until they cut a slice and discover caramelized plums hidden sneakily underneath.