Celebrate 20 Years Of Counter Culture With Limited-Edition Coffee

Celebrate with its new limited-release Colombian coffee

You've heard all the buzzy words describing coffee: fruity, nutty, earthy, bright, floral—the list goes on and on. Less discussed, though, is the integrity of the coffee plant itself.

Counter Culture Coffee, known already for its high-quality sourcing, roasting and distribution, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a limited-edition coffee that raises awareness about the environmental impact of coffee growing—in this case, the destruction of migratory bird habitats. The Colombian coffee, called Hacienda El Roble, has earned the Smithsonian-backed Bird Friendly certification, the only stamp to entirely guarantee shade-covered and organic growing practices.

The flavor represents the epitome of Colombian coffee: Sweet notes of vanilla and caramel fill out a beautifully lush body. Buyer beware: Make sure whomever you purchase this for is at least a stage-12 coffee geek—that old drip machine will ruin the beauty of this bean.