Feast Of The Salmon Dishes

Take a high dive from drab dinners with wild Alaska salmon, your ticket to quick, healthy and delicious meals.

It all starts in frosty Alaska. The icy waters off the northernmost state lend the five species—king, sockeye, coho, keta and pink—a pure, clean taste. And all Alaska salmon are available year-round, thanks to the peak-season fast-chilling and flash-freezing techniques, which preserve the pristine quality and nutrition, and seal in all the richness and flavor.

Try one of these recipes for your next salmon feast:

• Fry up some Alaska Salmon Croquettes (get the recipe), stuffed with fresh dill, garlicky bread crumbs and rich, canned sockeye or pink salmon.

• Tap into the ingenious COOK IT FROZEN!® technique, and you'll have an Asian-inspired, herb-laced Alaska Salmon with Shoyu Tarragon Sauce (get the recipe) on the table in 20 minutes.

• Craft your own citrusy miso glaze and quick, crunchy vegetables for Korean Miso-Cured Alaska Salmon with Fresh Cucumber Asian Pear Kimchi (get the recipe).

Alaska salmon will take your taste buds under the sea and over the moon.