What's For Dinner: Cool Ranch Chicken And Cheetos Macarons

Follow your snack cravings with a Cool Ranch® salad and Cheetos® macarons

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

Remember elementary school lunch? Potato straws passed as a vegetable, and the barter system was alive and true—although everyone knows that Pringles® were the 100-dollar bill of the brown-bag world. Life today is full of pressure to "eat real food" and "be an adult," but here are three ways to give in to those snack cravings while still eating a respectable grown-up meal.

① Main Course: Cool Ranch Chicken Salad Sandwich

We've all been there: You're home late from the office with no energy to cook, and the bag of chips is just too easy to open. So open it—and put those chips (and accompanying avocado dip) inside your sandwich. Chips solve the textural monotony that often befalls chicken salad, giving it crunch and flavor.

② Side Dish: Fried Pickles with Spicy Mayo

What's a deli sandwich without a pickle? Upgrade the often-limp sando sidekick by rolling it through egg and bread crumbs then giving it a dip in hot oil. The Old Bay-spiced mayo that comes along for the ride doesn't make a bad dipping sauce for the sandwich either.

③ Dessert: Cheetos Macarons

In today's edition of words we never thought we'd see together: "Cheetos ganache." But aren't Cheetos only a few steps from cheese? And you wouldn't argue with a mascarpone or ricotta cookie filling, would you? Just don't tell Paris.