What's For Dinner: Easter Ham, Cauliflower And Lemon Marshmallows

Set your Easter table with ham, cauliflower and lemon marshmallows

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

Sunday's breakfast forecast: cloudy with a chance of chocolate bunnies and radioactive eggs. The calendar might say there are still two more days, but for us, Easter starts now with this crowd-pleasing ham, crispy cauliflower and lemon marshmallows, which highlight spring flavors in the loveliest of ways. Make this dinner tonight for an early celebration or save it for the big day post-chocolate binge—after all, life is about balance.

① Main Course: Easter Ham with Muscadet and Herby Crème Fraîche

It doesn't get more Easter than Easter ham. This particular one is braised in Muscadet, a French white wine, and finished with a glaze that doesn't overpower the flavor of the meat itself. One bite and you, too, might find yourself rising up to the heavens.

② Side Dish: Charred Cauliflower with Toasted Bread Crumbs, Cornichons and Parsley

The smoky flavor of blackened cauliflower and warm toast wins best supporting actor alongside the ham. Cornichons add a surprising pucker and parsley an herbal note for a complete Easter side dish.

③ Dessert: Lemon Marshmallows

Let's take a moment and ask ourselves—what do marshmallow Peeps® really taste like? Their color says lemon, but their taste says Yellow 5. So take matters into your own hands with homemade Peeps®, minus the color and plus all the flavor.