What's For Dinner: Cvapi, Mushroom Toasts, Beet Brownies

Keep your plate meat free with mushroom toast and chickpea cvapi

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

Meatless Monday, Throwback Thursday, Selfie Sunday: Hash tagging is all about the alliteration. Though it's a fad in school cafeterias and on Instagram feeds, Meatless Monday actually predates social media–not to mention the Internet itself. It's been around since the days of World War I rationing and resurfaced as a national public health campaign 10-plus years ago to help promote a healthy lifestyle. Challenge yourself to make something more inspired than a bowl of pasta (the usual meat-free go-to) with this hearty meal.

① Appetizer: Morel Mushroom Toasts with Parsley Salad

The substantial texture and deep flavor of mushrooms make them one of the meatiest non-meat options out there. The woodsy quality of these morels stands out with a simple preparation and a bright parsley topping. Plus, everything is better on toast.

② Main Course: Cvapi with Mushrooms and Stewed Plums

These cylindrical falafel are Somerville, Massachusetts, chef Tim Wiechmann's vegetarian take on an Eastern European sausage dish. Bite into the crispy coating, and you'll find a protein-packed chickpea filling that will keep you full until breakfast. Cut down on ingredients by using the rest of the morel mushrooms for the mushroom sauce and leftover dried plums from last week.

③ Dessert: Chocolate, Orange and Beet Brownies

Dessert tends to be meat free, so you have no excuse not to make one. Sneak one more vegetable into your meal with beets, which add natural sweetness and subtle earthiness to this rich chocolate favorite.