What's For Dinner: Rack Of Lamb, Cauliflower Salad, Asparagus With Kumquats

Set your table with spring onions and a rack of lamb

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

As of today, spring is officially here. There's a lot to look forward to: vitamin D, open-toed shoes and, most of all, the fresh produce that's slowly starting to roll into our neighborhood markets. On the East Coast, resilient, off-color snow piles may line street corners and the flowers are still too nervous to pop their heads out, but today we're granted 12 full hours of daylight. We suggest you spend (at least) one of those hours celebrating the equinox with some of the food that makes springtime so wonderful.

① Appetizer: Cauliflower Salad with Spring Onions and Mint

Spring onion, green onion, scallion–a rose (or allium) by any other name would sound as sweet. But, it wouldn't be as seasonally appropriate, which is why we can't stop thinking about this refreshing, herbal salad.

② Main Course: Rack of Lamb with Hazelnut Gremolata and Pea Purée
Lamb is one of spring's classic main courses. Send your brain into texture overdrive with this combination of tender lamb, crunchy gremolata and smooth peas.

③ Side Dish: Asparagus with Kumquats and Tarragon

A zippy vinaigrette, fresh tarragon and tart kumquat slices take these spears to the next level.