A Green St. Patrick's Day Dinner Menu

Go green with avocado and Chartreuse for St. Patrick's Day

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner

A wise amphibian named Kermit the Frog once told us, "It's not easy being green." It turns out he was wrong when it comes to making dinner tonight.

In less than 30 minutes, you can have an all-green-everything dinner on the table to ring in St. Patrick's Day. And with naturally green foods like avocado and English peas, your meal won't look like it's been charmed by a mischievous leprechaun—which is something we can all feel lucky about.

① Drink: Green Chartreuse and Gin Cocktail (The Verdure)

Green beer has its time and place (college, a crowded bar), but you can still drink green, thanks to Chartreuse. The French liqueur, made from 130 herbs and plants and one top-secret monk recipe, has an earthy flavor that pairs perfectly with gin. Bonus: You can also use it to make grown-up Rice Krispies Treats®.

② Appetizer: Avocado-Tahini Dip

Is it guacamole? Is it hummus? Either way, we can't resist this label-defying mash-up. It makes for the ultimate spread and should be slathered on top of everything you eat this week—especially tonight's falafel.

③ Main Course: Sweet Green Pea and Herb Falafel

Green peas and fava beans give chickpeas the night off in this bright, springy take on falafel. To speed things up, use canned beans and freeze the prefried falafel balls. Pile them high on warm, flat pita with leafy herbs, sliced jalapeño and a scoop of avocado dip for a dinner that says, "Kiss me, I'm Irish-ish."