What's For Dinner: Southern Supper - Brunswick Stew Recipe

Sweet tea meets pie for a down-home dessert

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

We're dedicating the month of March to all things Southern. And just four days in, visions of crawfish boils dance in our heads, Georgia peaches are what we see before we close our eyes at night and the biscuits runneth over. We'll be bringing you new dishes and ideas all month long, but you can have a feast tonight with recipes from some of our favorite Southern chefs.

① Main Course: Brunswick Stew

Historians are still debating the origin of this Southern classic, but as long as we have Suzanne Vizethann's version, we couldn't care less. Plus, now's the perfect time to use up any leftover chicken from Monday.

② Side Dish: Bacon-Roasted Roots with Rosemary Honey

Vivian Howard shows you how to (literally) tap into the roots of Southern cooking. And, yes, there's bacon and brown sugar in the mix.

③ Dessert: Sweet Tea Pie

Everyone knows to trust a Southerner when it comes to pie and sweet tea. We suggest you kill two birds with one stone and try Taff Mayberry's genius pie recipe–the only thing it's missing is collard greens.