Sucre Shop Wooden Cocktail Muddler

Cure cabin fever with Sucre Shop's brightly colored muddler (and booze)

March's whole "In like a lion, out like a lamb" shtick always seemed like a crock to me. In NYC, it usually starts with a blizzard or two and ends with mounds of ice and impassable crosswalks—not very lamblike at all.

But instead of getting all bitter about it, I'm going to bide my time before warmer temps with an ocean-hued muddler and a heavy pour of booze. Maybe I'll mash up some lemon basil leaves with Chartreuse or whip up Edmund Oast's take on bourbon and sweet tea. Either way, throwing back fancy cocktails in the comfort of my apartment sure beats playing a game of Frogger with mini oceans of slush.

And come summer (and please, come faster), my mojito game is going to be on point.