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Greet and eat the Year of the Goat (or possibly the Sheep or Ram)

Lunar New Year 2015 ushers in many opportunities: the chance to gather and feast, rid the house of old detritus, share wealth and—especially this year—argue about ungulates. Per Chinese news agency Xinhua, some intricacies of the Mandarin language left some room for English speakers to debate over whether the "yang" symbol translates most closely to "sheep," "ram" or "goat."

Culinarily speaking, we're calling for the latter. Lamb has had its day in the sunny paddock, and we've yet to find a reliable ram purveyor (or even sample it), but goat is madly undersung and endlessly good to eat. It can also be hard for a home cook to find, which is why we're bleating with joy over this debut Butcher Box from Belcampo Meat Co. Each installment will feature species-specific or hard-to-find cuts of sustainably raised and humanely slaughtered animals from the company's Shasta Valley Farm. Fifteen pounds ($210) may seem like an awful lotta meat, but consider splitting it with an adventurous pal and make this new cooking year the G.O.A.T.